Bible Studies

We gather together on Tuesday evenings at 7pm at the church. Join with other women and study God's Word together, sharing your heartaches and blessings in small group time along with the study. Women's Bible studies will begin again in September. 


Mom's And Pre-Schoolers is a group of mom's who meet on Wednesdays mornings for Bible study, conversation, prayer and praise. There are great classes for the children, while mom's are able to refresh, and have some adult conversation, great snacks, and of course COFFEE! This is a great place to come whether you are searching for something more, a new follower of Jesus or you've been following Him a while. All mom's are welcome. Studies range from christian parenting, to books of the  Bible.  Childcare is provided free of charge. MAPS will begin again in Sept 2019.

Women’s Events

Faith, Friendship, Fun. The events team is a group of women that want to minister to you and your friends. We are so busy that we purposely provide creative opportunities to reach out to each other and our community.
We plan 2-3 events a year for the women of the church. It is a time to encourage each other (and  laugh) as we journey through life together. We invite you join us. Watch the bulletin and calendar for our next event. 


Imagine your daughter or son, first time from home, homesick, broke, trying to study,  living with strangers, and then a package arrives with cookies and treats from  home. A reminder that they are loved and we as a church are thinking of them. This is PALS. Care packages are sent twice a year to our single college  students. Let us know if you have a child attending post secondary school. Please e-mail the office with a picture of your child, and where they are attending school, and what program in post secondary education.


Bringing  home a new baby? Had surgery? Sick? (Sick of cooking doesn’t count) We have a  group of ladies that will bring you some home cooked meals to help out. If you are willing to be part of this ministry by bringing a meal to someone, let us  know by sending a note to the office.

Guardians of Grace

The power of prayer and encouraging words which is further than any of  us can imagine. "Guardians of Grace" is an opportunity to intentionally connect  with a specific woman within our church body. Whatever your season of life, you  can choose to be involved. You can choose either to be a guardian, or a daughter of Grace.
This is an opportunity for us all. This is not about having it all  together. This is about how do you walk with God when life is messy. This is  what the world is so desperate to see. Life is different than it was 30 to 40  years ago but the principles of God have not changed.
We would love to offer you the chance to be connected to another woman  that will walk beside you. Whether you are in the season in your life where you would really like to be able to pick the brain of someone who is already gone  down your road, or you were willing to be that encourager.  Drop a line to Ang and fill out a card to be connected with another woman to  encourage and walk beside.