Guardians of Grace

The power of prayer and encouraging words which is further than any of  us can imagine. "Guardians of Grace" is an opportunity to intentionally connect  with a specific woman within our church body. Whatever your season of life, you  can choose to be involved. You can choose either to be a guardian, or a daughter of Grace.
This is an opportunity for us all. This is not about having it all  together. This is about how do you walk with God when life is messy. This is  what the world is so desperate to see. Life is different than it was 30 to 40  years ago but the principles of God have not changed.
We would love to offer you the chance to be connected to another woman  that will walk beside you. Whether you are in the season in your life where you would really like to be able to pick the brain of someone who is already gone  down your road, or you were willing to be that encourager.  Drop a line to Ang and fill out a card to be connected with another woman to  encourage and walk beside.