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Mount Olive Online Library

Ever been ready to buy that book, but wondered if the church had that book you were looking for???

Now you can! Our entire Church library has been scanned and entered into an online database that is available for you. You can click on the various categories on the left column to browse various topics, or just type in the search bar for a specific book, also you can also select the "Tag List" to narrow in even further for what your are looking for.

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rightnow MEDIA

We offer our Mount Olive Members and attendees free access to RightNow Media, an online church video library. Essentially, it’s a Netflix for Bible studies with videos for kids, students, singles, parents and married couples by teachers like Tim Keller and John Piper. All the content can be accessed from a phone, tablet, computer or television.

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Financial Tools

Any step towards getting started budgeting can be intimidating, we have found a few tools that might assist you on this journey.

The most important thing in starting to budget is taking the first step. This excel spreadsheet is a great start to get going!

Download a Basic Excel Budget Spreadsheet Here

Download Advanced Excel Budget Spreadsheet Here

There are many apps that you can try out in the app stores just by searching "Budget" but if you would like to try one out "GoodBudget" might be a place to start.

Access GoodBudget's Website here

Maybe you would benefit from a more directed route, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University could help you in learning how to manage your finances.

Check it out here