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For a number of years, we as a community have had a "Service in the Park" at the end of June.  Due to the current "Covid climate" we are in, that is not possible.  As Ministerial, we recognize that people are feeling restless and are desirous of connection in the community. We decided to make June 5th a "Serve your Neighbour" day - a day where all the churches in the Kneehill County encourage everyone to serve their neighbour in some practical way.  

We would encourage you to look around at your neighbourhood and be creative in finding ways to serve people. This is also the the start of "Senior's Week" here in Alberta and is a great opportunity to serve the senior population who live near us.  Here are some ideas of how you could serve your neighbour:

 - cut grass, clean window, rake leaves, clean garden beds, plant flowers, give fresh homemade baking...

Be creative and serve those around you!