Welcome to Kid Mountain Ministries!

Here at Mt Olive, we are continually growing and changing, just like children do!  There are many different avenues in which we partner with parents to minister to their children.

Here are just a few:

Kid Mountain Church

Kid Mountain Church is an opportunity for kids to enjoy and participate in church community that is aimed at their level of comprehension. Kids come and take part in discussions, games, singing, and watch older kids share with them through drama relating to the Bible theme that day. All done in a way that make sense to them, while sharing the Gospel and teaching God's Truth.
KMC runs each Sunday, in both 9:00 am and 10:30 am services.

There is nursery available for children younger then 2 yrs old every Sunday.


February 23rd - March 29th - 24: A Day That Saved The World! 

This EASTER series focuses on the last 24 hours of Jesus' life. If you’ve ever seen an episode of the TV show, “24”, then you’ve seen special agent Jack Bauer go through all kinds of incredible difficulties in order to eventually save the day. The show is filled with twists and turns. You are left thinking, “Is it really possible for someone to go through SO MUCH in just 24 hours?”

Well, Jack Bauer doesn’t have anything on Jesus. In the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life, He went through so many twists, turns, and difficulties. Jesus was betrayed by a friend, arrested, put on trial, convicted, beaten, mocked, and sentenced to death by being nailed to a cross - all in only 24 hours.

Jesus went through all of this for a reason...US! We are the reason that Jesus gave His life. He died on that cross in order to provide a way for every person to receive forgiveness of their sins. He paid the price for you and me. The last 24 hours of Jesus’ life was most definitely “A Day That Saved The World!”

This series will take your children on a journey through the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. From the Last Supper to Gethsemane, and all the way to the cross - your children will learn all about why we celebrate Easter in this series.

April 5th - May 10th - HOW TO RUIN YOUR LIFE! 

Children will learn from the stories of Adam and Eve, David and Bathsheba, Joseph, King Solomon, Jacob and Esau, and the nation of Israel. They will discover how each of these Bible characters faced tough situations - some made wise decisions and some made foolish decisions. Each lesson will teach the children some of the foolish decisions to avoid - based on the lives of these characters.

We all make important choices every single day. Often, we underestimate the impact of those daily decisions on the rest of our lives. We have to work hard to avoid making foolish mistakes that will lead our lives on the wrong track.



Mom's And Pre-Schoolers is a group of mom's who meet on Wednesdays mornings for Bible study, conversation, prayer and praise. There are great classes for the children, while mom's are able to refresh, and have some adult conversation, great snacks, and of course COFFEE! This is a great place to come wheterh you are searching for something more, a new follower of Jesus or you've been following Him a while. All mom's are welcom. Studes range from christian parenting, to books of the  Bible. Childcare is provided free of charge. MAPS will begins Sept 11th, and runs until May 2020 9:30-11:30 am.