Donna and I had both grown up in the church and had heard of missions and missionaries from our youth. In Bible college we heard more reports and were challenged to think of cross-cultural service. After I graduated from Bible college we both took secular jobs in BC. We didn’t know what God had in store, but we kept active in our local church.

One day we were challenged by a dear friend to consider becoming missionaries, and our pastor and the board of elders were unanimous in blessing us to do so. We applied to the mission, and thought that God would stop us if it wasn’t what he wanted. Apparently it was what he wanted because it led to over 20 years in Pakistan and close to 40 years now with the mission.

· Appointed to ministry in Pakistan in 1982.
· Departed for field 1983.
· Reassigned to serve as Fellowship International rep in the Fellowship Prairies Region in 2000.
· Returned to Pakistan in 2005.
· Returned to Canada in 2011 to begin ministry with Fellowship International in Canada within the Fellowship Prairies Region.

Rod has three parts to his role with Fellowship International. While based in Canada, he is continuing to assist the Fellowship International Pakistan team by updating print and audio- visual resources. He also serves as a coach with the Fellowship Prairies Region, assisting churches in sharing their faith with members of other religions and cultures, and coaching churches in small group development using principles learned during his time in Pakistan. His newest role has been with Fellowship International's LeadersFormation ministry where he is a leadership development coach for the South and South-east Asia region.