Hey Church Family, I trust you are doing well during this season, learning to trust in God in the new things we face each and everyday. I pray for you that you will stay strong in your faith and even grow in your personal love of Jesus and your personal ministry.  

Words you have heard recently in the news are “re-launch” or “re-opening” as society and businesses look to begin opening up with restrictions being relaxed a bit.  

You may wonder what that means for us as a church. Just this past week the health authorities did allow places of worship to start meeting in groups up to 50 if they fit within some very specific guidelines.

You can read the specifics here

Given some of the challenges we would face due to these restrictions (such as no congregational singing) we have decided to continue to meet online for the time being. We have thought through our phased “re-opening” and plans are continuing to be made to that goal and we will let you know as to that (ever changing) plan as we have more information from health authorities.  

Much good and “unprecedented” :) ministry has happened because of COVID-19 and we are thankful to continue partnering with Jesus in building His Church.  

Pastor Alvin