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Hey Church Family,
I know many of you are wondering about our plan for re-opening here at Mt. Olive Church. We understand that there are many perspectives and in this plan our desire is to give opportunity to those that want to come to church in person, but also value those of you that will still want to participate in church from home. We hope this plan doesn’t pressure you in either way, but allows you to continue to worship in the way you are comfortable with. We ask that you please be patient with the process and be willing to flex with the ever changing landscape!  Our new normal as a church will look different from what we were used to.

So, saying all that, after much discussion with the leaders here at Mount Olive, here is our plan, which of course is subject to change:)

July: Opening the church with a video service including a live host. No child programing. This will be much like what you are doing at home, but together with more of your church family.
August: Real live worship teams and preaching! We would continue to record the services in their entirety for those who choose to watch online. No Child programing. Our aim is to keep the video and audio quality we have recently had for those that still want to take in the service from home.
September: Be fully ready for services with more people and live streaming. Child programing provided.

Rationale: This allows us to introduce live people into our building and worship services more slowly (we understand some of you may not come right away if it is just a video, and if there is no child programing). This gives us time to do the live service well and try to keep our video service quality where it has been with the pre-recorded service. We believe that we will have a split congregation (those that attend in person and those who still attend online) for the next number of months so we want to make sure we value our people online as much as we value those who come into the building for worship.

There will be many more specifics as to what the process and procedures are for attending services, and we will release those details to you in the next week to 10 days.

Pastor Alvin