Leaning in to God's leading

It is a scary thing to take a step of faith. We do not presume to make decisions on behalf of God, but we also do not want to be slow to act when we see Him moving. The vision behind this is to take one step of faith after the next. This process will certainly not be one that is taken lightly. Our desire is to communicate now at the beginning of the process, so that we can move forward together.

We are excited to share with you the plans that the Board has already approved to enlarge our parking lot and update interior upgrades throughout the building. As we look ahead, we have engaged a company to assist us with a feasibilty study for future developments. Additionally the Elders Board will be initiating a process of future ministry planning with a view to discern God's direction.

We invite you to get excited and dream with us as we imagine what the Lord has in store for Mount Olive Church here in Three Hills, and beyond!

STAGE 1 - Facilities Renewal and Ministry Envisioning

Summer/Fall 2019
We are relocating our media booth to create more space in the sanctuary and create better sightlines (21 seats!), the project is nearing its completion. Our Goal is to increase our seating capacity as well as upgrade our audio and video systems.
September 2019
Parking Lot Expansion / Our numbers have grown and now our parking lot needs to! We will be expanding our parking lot South (land that we currently own). Our goal is to have adequate space to comfortably park all guests during peak times.
Winter 2020
Interior Renewal / This will consist of replacing the flooring and repainting on the main level of the Church. Our Goal is to modernize the look and feel of the church to carry us forward for the next 10 years.
Fall 2019 to Winter 2020
Through the next few months we as a church will be discussing future direction and plans for our church ministries. Our goal is by faith to envision what God might want to do through us in developing devoted followers of Jesus in Three Hills and beyond.
Fall 2019 to Winter 2020
Feasibility Study / We have engaged a company to assist us with a feasibility study for future development. Our goal is to assess and understand our needs as it relates to stage 2 with future expansion.
Est Date: To Be Determined
Our building stucco and windows currently require replacing. We will be researching the best materials and colors to last into the future.
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STAGE 2 - Making Room for More

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we looking to Renew?
The building is 30 years old, although some renewals have been done, we feel that this is part of being good stewards of what we have been entrusted with.

Who are we Consulting for the feasability study?
    Cognidyn Engineering

How much will it cost?
    Stage 1 - Facilities Renewal (Parking Lot, Interior Facelift, Feasability Study)
                       Estimated at $125 000 Dollars
- Soundboard Relocation and Upgrades
                       Expense covered through 2019 budget
                 - Exterior Facelift (Exterior Finish & Windows)
                       Cost to be determined
    Stage 2 - Future Development
                       Cost to be determined

How will we paying for this?
Stage 1 will be initiated with moneys on hand. The building fund has been reactivated for the renewal stage and future development stages.