We are sorry you are having difficulties, but are glad you found this page! Located above we have 3 different ways that you can watch our service (The first is to watch it with us in community through Church Online. Secondly we have signed up for Vimeo so that is a new option that you can watch. Thirdly you can watch on Youtube). Feel free to test them out to see if there is a quick solution before you begin troubleshooting with the other methods listed below.

But please don't hesitate to reach out to us we'd love to help!
You can reach us either by
email: [email protected]
through the Facebook Messenger button located in the bottum right of this screen.

Troubleshooting on a Smart TV's & Smart Devices

Most modern Smart TV's & Smart Devices have access to a Youtube or Vimeo App

YouTube - Find the search bar and search (with no spaces): mountolivechurch

Vimeo - Locate the search bar and search (with no spaces): mountolivechurch

Troubleshooting from a Computer

Most times the main issue with watching a service is likely tied to adblockers that are turned on your browser (Please note: we do not use any adds at all the main reason that they may be blocked it the browser misinterprets our platform as an add). So try to turn off any addblocker that may be on, and then refresh your page.

Another option is to try a different web browser: Firefox or Chrome are good options to try.

Again if you reach a point of frustration, please don't hesitate to bring your computer into the church during the week and I (Andrew Fletcher) can help you out and get it working to watch the service.

Pro Tip

On YouTube if you create an account and select "Subscribe" to our channel weekly it will automatically show up in your account

On Vimeo if you create an account and click "Follow" you can access the content weekly automatically show up in your account