Proverbs 23:5 (NIV)

Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.

Main Idea

We all live on a percentage of our income, but we need to plan to live within our means

Going Deeper

Questions from this weeks Sermon

1. What insight, principle or observation from this week’s message did you find to be most helpful, eye opening or troubling?

2. When you hear the word budget what comes to mind? Freedom, or restriction? Why?

3. Where and how we spend our money shows our values. How is this true? If you are married, why does this help to explain conflicts you have had about money in your marriage?

4. Read Proverbs 13:16. If this Proverb is true, what would be the approach of wise and foolish people toward money?

5. How is setting a budget kind of like setting ones values?

6. Read Proverbs 22:7. How has this Proverb proven true in your life? Why do you think we are so tempted to live above our means (to buy now and pay later) How has debt affected you or people you know?

7. Have you made a budget? How are you doing living in it? If not, why not? And when will you make one?

8. What would it look like for you to move a little closer to the “wise” side when it comes to money? What are you going to do about it and when?


We all live on a percentage of our income.

1. Figure out your financial pie size

2. Decide the percentage you will live on

3. Set your values, cut up your pie Know what you Value and then Live within your means We all have dreams and debt is not the answer, we must choose to live within our means You can move from unwise to wise, from not thinking about the future, to thinking and putting a plan in place. Why not live in financial freedom, it’s better for you. You can do it!


Any step towards getting started budgeting can be intimidating, we have found a few tools that might assist you on this journey.


The most important thing in starting to budget is taking the first step. This excel spreadsheet is a great start to get going!

Download a Basic Excel Spreadsheet Here


As we heard from Darcy and Jeannette in this message, they created a great excel spreadsheet that you can download and start using right away! If you would like help with it at all they would love to explain and be a support for you! Reach out to us here if you are interested!

Download their Excel Spreadsheet Here


There are many apps that you can try out in the app stores just by searching “Budget” but if you would like to try one out “GoodBudget” might be a place to start.

Access GoodBudget’s Website here


Maybe you would benefit from a more directed route, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University could help you in learning how to manage your finances.

Check it out here

Call to Action

Take some time this week to:

1. figure out your financial pie size

2. decide what amount you will live on

3. Set your values, and cut up your pie.

Explore the Financial Resources located above if you aren’t already budgeting.